Walter Heath Williams (1835-1906)

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Walter Heath Williams (1835-1906) was a Victorian landscape artist known for his paintings of fields of haystacks and rolling landscapes. He tended to use a palette dominated by yellows and soft browns, and often used stippling to give the effect of flowers in fields, and leaves on trees. He also painted some river and coastal landscapes of Devon, Cornwall and Wales. Artistic talent grace the Williams family, Walter was the son of the prolific and quite versatile artist George Augustus Williams. Walter Heath Williams lived in the southwest of England in Bath, Somerset, and in Topsham and Torquay in Devon. Walter actively exhibited his paintings at The Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street. The British Institution, which was established as a rival to the RA at Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery in Pall Mall and further exhibits at The Royal Academy, 1854-1880. Art work description Artist: Walter Heath Williams, unsigned Medium: Oil on canvas European dimensions: Art work Width 66cm Height 46cm Condition report: At some point in the past the painting has been lined and is presented in good clean condition. The art work has been recently re-framed Please do not hesitate contacting us for further assistance